This is the lineup so far...



Huck Finn

Acid Brothers



Antony P

Tony Roberts

Stevie Way Back When

Adam House & Classics


Marion Key


Kris Gowlett

Richie S

Carl Willis

Carla Cox

Sophie Warner

Gary Warner

Mark Hayward

Pete Morgan

Scott Ralph

Pete Neal

Mark Apps

Laurey Radley

and more...


Friday 2nd February 2024 to Sunday 4th February 2024



Our first Dirty Weekender and what a great start we have for you. There is no better place for us than Amsterdam.

No Anne Frank, No Tulips, No Clogs! For us it's all about Dirty Beats in Dirty Clubs! Well... not Dirty in the unclean sense. For those that have been to any Dirty Stereo events will know what to expect and it's also Carl's 50th so expect some exciting twists.

The lineup we have in store for you have all played at our parties over the last 3 years and all have a special place in making our parties the success they have been along with you guys of course.

To keep the price low we decided against Carl Cox so for one night only you've got Carla Cox flying in especially from Kavos.


Friday 7pm to 5am

The Welcome Party at Delux

Get yourself checked in to your hotel, get changed into your party gear and ready for a night at the Delux Club (Part of Escape) in Rembrandtplein in the heart of the city with your favourite Dirty Stereo DJs playing until the early hours.

Saturday Day 2pm to 7pm

Boat Party

We all know you love a boat party so we coudn't have our first weekender without one. We'll be picked up from the port by Central Station and we set off for 5 hours of high sea high jinks with an amazing lineup for you. Who'll be walking the plank? I have a pretty good idea!

Saturday Night 9pm to 5am


This is a proper Dirty Stereo kinda venue which you'll see when you get there. Amazing sound system, great dance floor, chillout sofas. Fully stocked and well priced bar. What more do you need? Ah yes... DJs. Well... you certainly won't be dissapointed there.

Sunday 12pm to 4am

Kashmir Lounge

It ain't over til it's over!

This is a perfect way to end the weekend. Kashmir Lounge is a gem as it's one of the only venues where you can eat, drink and sample the other side of Amsterdam life. Noooo not the windows but the other thing. You know... the one with the menu to choose stuff from that's not food but you'll want to eat after. Yeah... that's it!.

The plan was to finish at 9pm but as so many people are staying until Monday and a handful until Tuesday we have decided to have a final crackon until the last man is standing.

We'll have a list of chosen DJs from 12pm to 9pm and for those that want to bring a stick then turn up and pop your name down on the list and if you can still see then as the event is called 'IT AIN'T OVER TIL IT'S OVER'. Well... the licence is 4am so it will be over then but you get the idea!

For those that are going home on Sunday the leave your bags in your hotel and join us for more lunacy until you need to leave for your flight, or like a bunch of us, stay until Monday as this will also get messy.

So... the price we hear you say. We've done all the maths, swallowed some of the costs added a bit, taken that away and have decided on a measly £135  which is for 4 parties over 3 days for £135...yes £135. 

Hotels and Flights


We have enlisted the help of a great friend Saranna Murphy who is a travel consutant and she has come up with 5 great hotels that are all by at least one venue. All you need to do is contact her with your chosen hotel and she will book it for you and send you your confirmation. There is a £25 deposit to be paid straight away and the rest of the balace to be paid in November 2023.

The prices below are based on 2 or 3 people sharing for 2 nights. There are also 4 and more bedroom options just speak to Saranna as she can help with budgets.

The hotels we have chosen are (prices from):

Max Hotel (2 star): 2 sharing £49 per night each

Hotel Continental (1 star) 3 sharing £59 per night each

Westcord City Centre (3 star): 2 sharing £75 per night each

Avenue (3 star): 2 sharing £82.50 per night each - 3 sharing £73 per night each

Inntel Hotels (4 star): 2 sharing £99 per night each

Eden (4 star): 2 sharing £99 per night each - 4 sharing £86 per night each

Ibis (3 star): 2 sharing £101 per night each

You can of course stay wherever you would like, these are just suggestions to keep you all together like the naughty people you are. Saranna can also help save you money if you want to stay elsewhere.


If you've not booked your flight then Saranna can also help with that and save you a few quid to put towards some of that stuff off the menu I mentioned earlier.

Saranna's email address to book your hotel: click here

So... 2nd to 4th February 2024... Amsterdam... Dirty Stereo... You lot... WHAT COULD GO WRONG? 

The boring stuff but you need to take note...

Dress Code

It's Amsterdam so wear what you want. You can get away with anything.


Flights, Hotels & Transfers

Are not included. That's all down to you. We are the fun suppliers of the events only.


This is also down to you. Please get your own. Now we are out of the EU it's not as easy as it was if you break a leg trying to jump over a canal. So don't be silly and spend £20 or so and get covered.


All events will require a wristband, if you don't have the correct one on then you won't be able to join in which is a bit rubbish as that's why we are going away. Security will be on the door and won't be on the funny fags so will be vigilant.


Talking of funny fags. There are actually rules over there. So rather than copy and pasting from the following website just pop over here and take a read: